British singer-songwriter and producer from Lincoln, England. Flowing between genres from the 2014 folk EP 1967 to the 2019 synth-based album Supermac Odyssey, the Lo-Fi bedroom sounds marry together societal topics with ambient, acoustic, and alternative instrumental pieces. 

In 2010 at the age of 15, drums were his first official dive into writing music pulling influence from bands such as Oasis, The La’s & Elbow. Soon after, learning guitar and music production would work its way into the mix whilst performing covers in pubs around his hometown. Most of the time, learning and writing was done alongside his close friend and fellow songwriter Lauren Rycroft

In 2013 after working in a fundraising office, he studied Music at Lincoln College as suggested by Jace Weaver of The Shakes at a home recording session. Taught at college by Stefanie Bennett, also of The Shakes, Dons formed a collective of musicians which a year later would be the foundation behind writing and recording the 1967 EP recorded by Jack Martin at The University of Lincoln. During this time, he would also write and work alongside Mustard & The Silver FIsh and Chloe & Tom of Mangö.

In 2015 he moved to Manchester for University. Whilst studying at BIMM Manchester he moved in with Fern Williams and Rob Maguire-Jones (Dawncast), of which Fern’s artwork would later be the cover art for the Last Session of Havi Depree EP. Living alongside Rob, Dons began taking an interest in photography and videography which would continue on into later years. With new inspiration found at University, his influence came more from artists such as Cocteau Twins, Air, David Bowie & Public Service Broadcasting. 

In 2016 whilst enjoying the fruity leisure of university life, he released the Mannequin Space EP alongside playing drums for alternative rock band Suede Horse. He also worked with artists such as Robyn Florence, Maddy Storm & Faye Costello who came to form the opening track of the 2017 EP L.U.V which also featured a collaboration with Lauren Samson

These university years also found him playing drums, guitar & later synth for his good friend Abbie Ozard until departing the band at the end of 2018. In August that year, he began writing the 3 track EP Rien de special whilst in France.   

In early 2019 whilst living and working in Manchester, stronger influences began surfacing from artists such as Mac DeMarco, Nick Drake & Bob Dylan. The first of two albums emerged from a melancholy mind in the form of Edelweiss, which aimed to express his post-leisure mindset. A couple months later he began writing the follow up album Supermac Odyssey whilst in his parents hometown of Youghal, Ireland. Both albums were a production experiment, as they were recorded, mixed, and mastered on a mobile phone.  

2020 brought the release of a more stripped back, personal, and grounded album titled Good Joke, Bad Punch Line which he released just before moving to Leeds, UK. A follow up single titled Happy Chappy released in June of the same year.